We have made our bundles even more simple for your convenience.
Price distribution is based on the quantity of things.

The amount of things is suitable for: 1 person / 2-3 people / 4-5 people

  • Easy bundle – 15€ / 20€ / 40€
    Ceramics, glass and small electronics.
  • Difficult bundle – 20€ / 40€ / 65€
    Ceramics, glass, furniture and big electronics.
  • Instructor – 5€ / 10€ / 30€
    Demolition games under the guidance of an instructor – for groups.
    For lone smashers the instructor is more of a helper and assistant.
  • Children’s bundle* – 15€
    Throwing ceramics behind a barrier, smashing small electronics with a hammer.
    All the activities take place under the supervision of an instructor!
    * from 10 years
  • Extra-smash

Box of glass bottles – 5€
Box of ceramics – 5€

Big elecronics – 15€
Monitor, computer, laptop

  • Smashing your own things

Glass/ceramics/electronics – 10€

*as much as you can carry
We can borrow a box for your stuff

  • Gift-bulb

Give your friend a new smashing experience at Ventiil! (Valid for 2 months)

For the giver: Choose a suitable bundle or assemble a new one from the gallery and contact us.

Gift recipient: To book a time, contact us and tell us the six digit code on the lightbulb so we know to prepare the right bundle for you. When you come to Ventiil take the bulb with you, you can also smash it if you want.

Gift bulb contains:
+ card with the name of the bundle and “valid until” on it
+ the lightbulb
+ wrapping

Group bundles

We are also ready to create a smash room according to your dreams and desires. Suitable for private and corporate events, even for teambuilding. Contact us and together we will find the best solution.

Katriin’s bachelorette’s party and maiden name’s send-off, summer 2019.
  • Children’s birthday

Celebrate your child’s birthday with a demolition party.
Contact us and lets have fun!

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