• Wear closed footwear!
  • Be sober – we won’t let people break under influence!
  • Protective gear must be worn at all times while in the breaking room – please leave the room if you wish to adjust anything.
  • When entering a breaking room that is in use please notify the occupants in a loud voice and wait for demolition to stop.
  • No more than 5 people will be allowed in the breaking room at the same time.
  • Tools can be used to break only designated objects – please keep the walls and windows unharmed.
  • Look out – shards fly fast and far!
  • Things don’t always break. Be ready for evasive maneuvers.
  • If you are not alone in the breaking room please shout “breaking” before you start so your companion can be at a safe distance.
  • Let heavy weaponry fall on their own weight. Don’t try to hit with full force – the object might not break and you risk hurting your hands or legs when the weapon bounces back.

Oleme 21.—28. juuni suletud. Ilusat jaaninädalat!
We're closed June 21 — 28. Happy midsummer!